Because Birthday Candles Are Overrated

Dress: OASAP
Sunglasses: OASAP
Boots: UNIF


Today is my Birthday :)
I wanted to dress girlie but still pretty edgy so I rocked this combo!

NYCT Overalls // Outfit #2

Distressed Denim Overalls- Nyct Clothing
Skeleton Sweater- Oasap
Vintage Boots- Dr. Martens

Shy Wilder // Floral Romper

Floral Romper- Shy Wilder
Flannel- Shy Wilder
Salem Boots- Unif

 PHOTO RebelesMD
 I modeled for Shy Wilder
 I had so much fun and wanted to take home every clothing I tried on :)
 A Behind The Seens during the shoot will be on the blog soon!!

Shalex Outfit ♥

Dress and Sunglasses-

Nothing Special. Really

Crop Top- Style Moi
Camo Jacket- Army Surplus DIY
Vintage Boots- Steve Madden

Tomtop// In Leopard

Leopard Top- Tomtop 
Shorts- YesFor 
Garter- Style Moi

Flowers In The Woods

Floral Kimono with Fringe- STYLE MOI
I'm nothing special, really Top- STYLE MOI
 Dual Zipper High Waisted Shorts- YESFOR
Chain Headdress- STYLE MOI

STYLEMOI Daria Top & Harness Shorts

Top: StyleMoi
Shorts: StyleMoi

Sneak Peak Of My StyleMoi Order // Daria Shirt

Here is one of the clothing items from my Style Moi order! I'm so excited to share the rest with you all ♥

Yesfor Tights

Tights: YesFor
Top: StyleMoi
Salem Boots- Unif


Clothing and Sandals- Missguided

NYCT Distressed Denim Overalls

Overalls- NYCT Clothing
 Knit top- Forever21

I'm so excited to have overalls to wear for this summer!! They're so versatile with any style! I love the grunge feeling from the cuts and also the 90's acid denim color.
They fit so perfect and true to size. ♥
I will definitely be posting another look with these soon.


Can't believe I'm wearing pink! New Motel Rocks Floral Dress

So I got this lovely floral dress from Motel Rocks!
I think this might be my only post where I'm actually wearing pink to be honest. :)
It was just too cute and I like to wear dresses during summer here in Southern California. It gets extremely hot here and wearing a dress like this is wonderfully comfortable. 
There's also a zipper in the back which I love because I don't have to pull it over my head to mess up my hair or make up. 
I love it and I will definitely be doing some shopping there soon.
Also I apologize for the short posts. My laptop is broken and I've been using my phone or my friend's computers. I will be getting mine fixed asap so I'm not giving up!

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Infinitine Knuckle Rings

Rings- Infinitine

I can't go a day without wearing these now!
I was never too fond of jewelry until knuckle rings came into style. They really look unique ♥
Even if they're different color plated, they still look pretty amazing together too.

Lovely jewelry at a brilliant price! I would definitely recommend their jewelry to anyone.

They also have necklaces, toe rings, earrings, wedding/engagement rings, anklets and bracelets!

I wish I would have gotten more from Infinitine
Here are some others I really love: