VSpink Bandeau for Chictopia

VSpink Bandeau- VS PINK

Shorts- Oasap
Salem Boots-  UNIF

My favorite new top is from VS Pink new arrivals this April. 
My bandeau is made for showing off! 
 It's a black and white cheetah print bandeau. I would say it's wonderful for layering and wearing it like this especially on hot days here in California. 

 The quality makes it so relaxing and cozy to wear. Can't wait to style it with more outfits so keep you eyes peeled for more future VS Pink posts on my Chictopia.

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 VS PINK on Chictopia

Chictopia x VS PINK


Shirt- VS PINK 
Bandeau- VS PINK
  Backpack- VS PINK

 I teamed up with Chictopia and VS Pink to show off their wonderful new arrivals!
The bandeau is probably my favorite piece because it's padded. Not only are they really cute, they don't have wiring in them so they're extremely comfortable. I noticed I have more of a support than a regular bandeau and even more shape which I love because I'm quite small in my chest area.

They are excellent for layering! Definitely perfect for low cut shirts and strapless tops.

Here is the break down of their bandeau:

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 VS PINK on Chictopia

Unif Salem Boot Review- Youtube Channel

I've had them for almost a month and finally had the time to do a review through YouTube! I think I am the second person to review them on there, thought they deserved more A+ reviews. :)

Snowboarding Vlog at Snow Summit

I have always wanted to post another video about fashion since my last video Thrift Haul. I've been working so much it takes up my time and as well as pictures for blogging so on one of my fun days I decided to vlog it. 
Check out our day out in the snow in Big Bear!

I would say I promise to make a new video about fashion but I don't want to lie, it might be a long time. I hope it won't! I just have so many hours at work recently that I don't have much light from the day to film.

Feeling Witchy

Crochet Cardigan- Forever21 
Salem Boot- Nasty Gal 
Shirt- ShyWilder 

 I have been looking for a crochet kimono everywhere and found this awesome one at my local mall. I really wished it was a lot longer but it is just my favorite right now since the weather is warming up. I can't even wait to wear it during the summer with my swimsuit underneath, I bet it would look even better to see the lovely pattern. 
My top is from one of my recent looks and on the front, "Destroy what Destroys You" is written across the front. One of my favorite sayings ever.
 I obviously paired it with my favorite heels! Guys, I'm a bit obsessed with large shoes! :) I might do a review on my youtube about them because I haven't seen one yet. They deserve a review.

My New Unif Salem Boots

Vintage Top- Lip Service
Salem Boots- Unif
Vintage Skirt- Thrifed

I wish I can wear these every second! I'm in love :) 

Choies-The latest street fashion

Photographed by Imagine_images

My new friend Melissa took some images of me :) It was at a pretty random place. An old abandoned place so I decided to dress down. I wore a grunge look including my vintage leopard coat, a leather vest and some ripped tights. My hat is from H&M and my shoes are from Forever21! If you like to see more of her work or like to get some photos taken if you live close, her website is Imagine_images Follow me on instagram to see more! Instagram

Overall Dress From Shy Wilder

    Overall Dress- SHY WILDER 
Vintage Boots- Dr. Martens

         I am obsessed with anything overall at the moment so when I saw this cute overall dress I couldn't wait to style it! I matched it with some darker clothing because I really loved the color and didn't want to blend it with any other. 
I wish I had some photos of the back. Unfortunately, I forgot to take some but the back has two suspender looking lines that I crossed over each other and it ended up looking really cute. 

Check out some new accessories from 

Cali Necklace- $10.00
Stud Master Earrings- $7.00
Wild Gold Ear Cuffs- $10.00
Fruit Cocktail Ear Cuffs- $18.00

SMILE- Shy Wilder

All Smiles Crop Top- SHYWILDER 
All Smiles Circle Skirt- SHYWILDER
 Wedges-  Forever21

 I have so much fun wearing this cute top and skirt from Shy Wilder! The fact that they're stretchy makes me feel so comfortable and I absolutely love the quality. I walked around the mall in this and got admirable compliments by random strangers. 
It's a wonderful outfit and the most awesome part about it is I don't always have to wear them together. I can't wait to style the top with many different outfits and as well as the skirt!

Here are some of my favorites from  Shy Wilder


Bart Simpson!

Pink Bart Simpson Sweater- Oasap 
White Mesh/Solid Leggings- Oasap 

 We have all seen the Bart Simpson sweater but not so much of this pink one!
 Yes another sweater that goes with my hair, I couldn't help myself. Oasap always has me with their cute sweaters! Fits awesome and does not get caught onto anything like usual knits do.
 I also like to wear it with my black disco pants. Do these leggings look familiar? They were in a recent post of mine that are also from Oasap. They are completely comfortable and unique with the meshing. I haven't seen anything similar to them since I got them.