NYCT Distressed Denim Overalls

Overalls- NYCT Clothing
 Knit top- Forever21

I'm so excited to have overalls to wear for this summer!! They're so versatile with any style! I love the grunge feeling from the cuts and also the 90's acid denim color.
They fit so perfect and true to size. ♥
I will definitely be posting another look with these soon.


Can't believe I'm wearing pink! New Motel Rocks Floral Dress

So I got this lovely floral dress from Motel Rocks!
I think this might be my only post where I'm actually wearing pink to be honest. :)
It was just too cute and I like to wear dresses during summer here in Southern California. It gets extremely hot here and wearing a dress like this is wonderfully comfortable. 
There's also a zipper in the back which I love because I don't have to pull it over my head to mess up my hair or make up. 
I love it and I will definitely be doing some shopping there soon.
Also I apologize for the short posts. My laptop is broken and I've been using my phone or my friend's computers. I will be getting mine fixed asap so I'm not giving up!

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Infinitine Knuckle Rings

Rings- Infinitine

I can't go a day without wearing these now!
I was never too fond of jewelry until knuckle rings came into style. They really look unique ♥
Even if they're different color plated, they still look pretty amazing together too.

Lovely jewelry at a brilliant price! I would definitely recommend their jewelry to anyone.

They also have necklaces, toe rings, earrings, wedding/engagement rings, anklets and bracelets!

I wish I would have gotten more from Infinitine
Here are some others I really love:

What I Ordered from Style Moi

     I just found out about this online store STYLE MOI and I just wanted everything.

 The laced up pants first caught my attention because they reminded me of getbadvibes but way less priced and a better material of my liking.

 The black crop top is a racer back and I don't own any so I thought this one would be cute for summer.

 The criss-cross top is extremely trendy trendy right now. I believe Nasty Gal sold something similiar but sold out really quickly.

If you haven't noticed by now, I love wearing the color black! :)
During summer it's kind of a no-no so I thought these cute shorts with sheer skirt was just perfect and flowy for those hot days.

 And lastly, some color!
I needed a good pair of denim shorts. I always love this shredded street style look.

Stay tuned for the outfit posts that come along with these.

TRIANGL Swimwear


I have been wanting a Triangl Swimsuit for so long!
They contacted me for a collab and I almost died.

Believe me, it's really hard to decide they have way too many cute swimsuits.
I picked out this Winnie- Holli Hyde for the print, black and white goes together well with anything!

Ordering online was at first confusing until I got help from Meg.
She was tremendously helpful and made me very comfortable in sizing.
The shipping was very quick and I absolutely love the bag that comes with it.  

It fit perfectly and snug around my body.

For those who don't know about their swimsuits, they have a much different material than others.

You know how other swimsuit when they get wet they tend to slide around on your body? Well Triangl swimsuits are made out of neoprene which is the material made out of wetsuits. So I definitely had to give it a try!

I went to the beach later on that week and I never had to re-adjust after a large wave or from moving around too much. I also realized it felt like the swimwear was keeping me from getting cold. 

The quality is awesome that there isn't a need for the top padding so for those who are having a little trouble with "pointy" issues I would say to definitely try these swimsuits out! ;D

I can't wait to wear it all throughout summer.

Broken Feet- Help my family and Donate ♥

Here is my sister, her fiance and my cute nephew smiling as I take this photo for their Christmas cards.
Beautiful family :)
 They love adventure so much!!
  They recently went to Mt. Baldy.
Sam being a risk taker decided to climb an 8-10 foot fall while rock climbing in Mt. Baldy. A piece of the rock that he was holding onto, to climb back down, broke off, causing him to fall on rocks and break both of his feet.

Nephew Sammy pushing Sam in donated wheel chair.
Financially, they are in need of medical bills and visits to the doctor.

Full story here

Looking for help my sister Amanda created a fund online that has being going great so far.
Please share!
I would love to see them be happy and out adventuring once again ♥

Unif and NYCTclothing

Sorry, I'm not listening Shirt- NYCTclothing
  Hellbounds in Leo- Unif

Yes, I'm wearing this awesome shirt again! I felt like I didn't get some good photos of me styling in it on my first post with it.  Also it's just a fun shirt to wear.
I paired them with some high waisted jeans, an oversized denim longsleeve and my new favorite heels!
I have been wanting to do a review on them on my youtube channel soon so stay tuned ;)


Minty Jungle Cheetah Skirt

Cheetah Skirt- Minty Jungle 
Vintage Boots- Steve Madden

 Recently I've been loving the animal print so far and when I saw this skirt with double zippers I knew I had to get it. Not only is it really cute, the zippers are actually functional which I thought was an awesome feature.
I can't wait to wear this with my future outfits!

Here are my other two favorites from Minty Jungle