Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Velveteen Valentine ♥

Hat- Vintage or Similiar- Scala
Floral Velveteen Crop Top- Forever 21
Boho Fringe Bag- Celebrityfashionlookbook
Ankle Distressed Boots- T.U.K.

Happy Valentine's day! 
I hope everyone has a lovely day ♥ I will be making cookies for my loved ones because the gorgeous pink tulips I purchased have died. Don't ask me how I killed them within an hour because I have no clue! I was really sad when I noticed them limping and now they're lifeless. 
Anyways I hope you enjoy this Valentine's Day inspired outfit. I was extremely happy when I purchased this top! The tag said it was on sale for $10 but somehow when it totaled at the cash register it came up as $4 plus change! Turns out they had a sale on sale items that day!?! Haha, I just love it when things like that happen.

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